Spirit of Gnawas will be a rich ceremony of song, music, color, incense and dance. In Morocco, it traditionally takes place over the course of an entire night, from dusk to dawn in private homes and locations where the community comes together to shed negative energies and conjure positive ones. It is usually not performed as a show but rather as an interactive musical ritual that the whole community participates in. The Lila invites the audience to not just be spectators, but to actively engage in the experience from the inside out. Audiences can immerse themselves in the colors and sounds of the Gnawa with performances rarely accessible to the public. 

So come one and come all. Everyone is welcome to experience this ancient ritual of beautiful music and rhythms. Please share about us and help us to spread the word about this unusual event/show, very rare in form and performance. 

Robert Wisdom


Born from Jamaican parents, American actor, Robert Wisdom is well known for his film and television roles in The Dark Knight Rises, Ray and Prison Break.  With a deep-rooted passion for world music, Robert has always been drawn to the strength and energies of ancient musical cultures. Since encountering the Gnawas on his first trip to Morocco in 1979, he has been returning to Essouira, Morocco for the past 20 years to attend the renown Gnawa World Music Festival of Essouira and part take in Lila rituals.


Evening program

I. AADA (Musical Procession)

II. WLAD BAMBARA (Children of Bambara) / Joyous music

III. FTOUH RAHBA (Opening Ritual) / WHITE

IV. KOUHAL (The Blacks) / BLACK


VI. L'HOUMAR (The Reds) / RED

VII. CHORFA (The Saints) / GREEN

VIII. WLAD L'GHABA (Children of the Forest) / BLACK


*The host will introduce each color and performance of the evening.


SHOW Information

  • Doors open at 8PM // The show will begin promptly at 8:30PM.
  • $12 Valet Parking and Street Parking will be available. Valet Parking opens at 7:30PM.
  • Open seating arrangements in an authentic Moroccan theme setting. No assigned seating so please prepare to come early.
  • This is an 18+ event with no alcohol. 
  • No dress code - Please feel free to wear comfortable clothes to dance and enjoy yourself. 


Wanderlust Hollywood // 1357 Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028



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